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In January ’22, aiming to expand internationally, Hint announced its merger with the agency Revenue River, and, as a result, we co-founded Instrumental Group in the United States.

By early ’24, it became evident to us, the Latin American partners, that the direction Instrumental was heading in was not in alignment with our goals. Therefore, we initiated discussions with North America to dissolve the merger.

Today, we announce that the separation is a reality. We are committed to reinvesting in and refocusing on Hint, our original company, and related endeavours.

The North American team will carry on with Instrumental Group, which will undoubtedly continue to achieve great things with its fantastic people, some of whom are former Hint members. To help this transition, Hint will retain the rights to the Instrumental brand in Latin America for a few more years, although promoting it is not our intention.

On a personal note, this was not an easy process. We created Instrumental with great enthusiasm, and this was not the outcome neither party sought. However, we take away a ton of learning and experiences that will contribute to the growth of our team, partners, and clients who support us and serve as a foundation for the future. We wish Eric and his team the best, and we are grateful for the ride.

Expect changes to our brand and digital assets in the coming months as we transition. We appreciate your support. We are returning to Hint to help our team, clients, partners, and families grow better :)


CEO and Co-founder of Hint


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